Saturday, April 28, 2012

Love you Bday Gurl..

Yang paling ku sayangi
Selamat hari lahir mama
Terima kasih da curah kan segala kasih sayang untuk akak
Akak sayang mama selamanya…
Semoga panjang umur , murah razeki , sihat selalu
Insya allah akak akan jage mama sepanjang hayat mama
Love u so much ^^

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Bonda Day

sempena hari ibu..

RIGTH 1 exclusive breastfeeding: only your breast milk for your little one : as a smart mother , definitely you have decided to give your breast milk without any drink or formula milk to your little one until the age of 6 months old. This is what we called as exclusive breastfeeding. In hospital , voice out your decision and rights to nurse and doctor who will conduct your delivery.
RIGHT 2 skin to skin contact : please ensure that your baby be placed on your chest as soon after delivery whether it is normal delivery or caesarean section. This 30 minutes skin – to – skin contact helps breastfeeding get started as well as promotes bonding between you and your loved one.
RIGHT 3  24 hours rooming in : you can ask to be with your little one 24 hours a day ( rooming in ). Breastfeeding would be easier because you are always there for him/her. If your baby needs treatment, ask to do it in your room or be separated not more than 2 hours.
RIGHT 4 Helps to initiate breastfeeding : Don’t be shy or hesitate to ask help from nurses to teach you corret way of breastfeeding, technique of hand expression and how to use breast pump either before or after delivery because it is your right !
RIGHT 5 Protect your loved one : A baby does not need any drink/ formula milk/ teat/panifier/ dummy/ bottle after delivery. Please ensure that your baby is not given these materials without you or your partner’s consent. 
RIGHT 6 Be provided with information of breastfeeding support group : This support group is ready to help if you require any future assistance or information about breastfeeding.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bday Tyme ^^

Selamat hari jadi rokiah..
Semoga panjang umur , murah rezeki , sihat selalu..
Sory tau aku dapat sambut simple2 je untuk ko..
Harap ko gembira ^^

jom citer...
actually nak buat suprise party untuk kiah.. tapi dye cam tahu2.. kami ke TS setelah bejalan2...
dgn pakai baju kurung nye.. ayu je..hahaha
then tak jadi buat..
esok nye nad gi beli kek yg slice2 tuh... soh tersuprise la kwn nad sorg nih..

kay wasalam